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Buying new equipment, no matter the quantity and cost, always comes with uncertainties. Will existing applications work with the new products? Will the products have the right functionalities and quality? It is challenging find the best fit for your company and your employees only by looking at benchmark tests and comparing those.

This is why Pedab is introducing the Try & Decide program.

This program will:
Help you find which products match your demands, if you do not already know.
Allow you to test the products you have chosen before you decide whether you wish to buy them or not, completely without obligations.

We have introduced this program to allow companies to have a look and feel of the new technologies we offer before deciding whether they wish to buy them or not. This enables a carefree purchase, where the IT-professionals can see whether the product suits the companies needs and the employees can test them before they are purchased. As a company you would have the opportunity to test the products for 45, 60, 90 or 120 days with our “Try & Decide” program. If the products are not a match for you, then the equipment is returned free of charge.

Are you uncertain of which products will match your company? Remember that we have experienced employees that can help you find the right fit!

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